In 2004, our lives were forever changed when we were introduced to the Belgian Malinois.  
While attending an obedience class with our GSD, Sasha, we were in awe of a Malinois in
our class. We were impressed by the dog’s keen intelligence, high drive, and natural
athleticism.  It was our good fortune that we met Daniele Daugherty and Martine Romeo
from whom we purchased our first (and second and third) Malinois, Crocs Blancs’ Connor.  
Daniele and Martine have taught us so much about the breed and the dogs we love.  

We participate in conformation, agility, rally, herding, and Schutzhund/IPO to the best of
our ability which is, unfortunately, well below the capability of our Belgians.  They never
complain, however; they delight in our time together as we train and learn through
motivational methods.  Through our selective breeding program, we hope to continue to
enhance our lives and that of others who love and appreciate the Belgian Malinois.


Cynthia Russell and Doug Lemster
Valparaiso, Indiana